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Published on 19 Aug 2014 on YouTubeCa.  Frank's Campfire Sticks as showcased on the television show American Outdoors. Filmed on-location at the amazing Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah with Sales Manager, Kevin Baldock and Owner, Gena Giandomenico.

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Frank's Campfire Sticks are available at many different retail outlets across Canada and the USA. Click below to view our list of retailers to find a location near you!

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Sarah, Product Tech


Frank’s Campfire Sticks are made from a 72” strand of 10 gauge wire which is twisted securely around a solid wood handle. The result is a 34” campfire stick that has no joins or welds and is long enough to give the camper space between themselves and the campfire. Because the wire is twisted, heat that travels up the shaft is minimized, keeping fingers cool.



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Twisted Recipes!

Cooking with a Frank's Campfire Stick

From traditional s'mores to skewered meats and vegetables roasted over the fire.... Simple and delicious!


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We are proudly made in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.  We ship wholesale orders across the United States and Canada!




Bundles of 50 campfire sticks each.                         Display boxes of 49 campfire                                                                                                           sticks each.

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