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Frank's Campfire Sticks have a durable twisted shaft design which helps prevent heat from travelling up the campfire stick for safer cooking.



Frank's Campfire Sticks Marketing and Manufacturing

We are proud of our commitment to a quality product that is marketed and distributed by Tim Giandomenico and Gena Giandomenico and manufactured by Ed Parent in British Columbia, Canada.

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Frank's Story

Since the mid 1990's Founder, Frank Grande has been selling his tried and tested version of the campfire stick across British Columbia, Alberta and the North Western US.

His concept was to make the stick as long as possible without compromising it's strength and also to make it as durable as possible with the wooden handle securely incorporated in the twisted wire strand.

Spring and summers for Frank were spent on the highways delivering to campgrounds, corner stores and large retail chains alike. On one occasion, Frank and his trailer of campfire sticks made a round trip to Salmon Arm which took him 1100 km in less than a day!

Frank retired from his business in 2010 and now spends winters in Arizona.  He sold his company to Tim Giandomenico and Gena Giandomenico who have expanded his strong and durable campfire stick into retail markets across Canada and the United States.

  Frank Grande