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Twisted Recipes!

Cooking with Frank's Campfire Sticks over an open fire is only limited by your imagination!

Here you will find a few ideas that you might enjoy.

hot dogs with fire



Marinated Vegetables and Honey Mustard Pork

Your favorite bite sized vegetables and pork marinated overnight in honey mustard sauce and roasted over an open fire for a perfect meal.




A well loved staple on British Columbia camping menus! If you have not heard of this, it is a biscuit type dough that is wrapped around a stick and cooked over an open fire.  Delicious served hot with butter!

2 Cups flour

1tsp salt

1tblsp baking powder

1 cup water (just enough to make it moist)

Add savory things like your favorite spices or shredded cheese and bacon! Can be made as a sweet version as well with berries or diced apples as shown.

Mix to form a workable dough and wrap (not too thickly) around your Frank's Campfire Stick.  Cook until browned.



Get Creative!

Everyone knows what they like so create your own specialty!